An inspirational farmer for direct seeded rice – S. Gurjit Singh Khosa

By Anand Gautam, Gurjant S Aulakh  

and Munish Kumar  

Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Ferozepur 

A Punjabi song, Mitra's Na Chalda …… fits perfectly for Farmer of village Dhanna Shaheed Block Zira, District Ferozepur S. Gurjit Singh Khosa. Whenever there is talk of direct sowing of paddy in Ferozepur district, the name of Dhanna Shaheed village is on everyone's lips. S. Gurjit Singh Khosa, son of Mall Singh, is a progressive farmer from village Dhanna Shaheed, District Ferozepur.  

Khosa has been using direct seeded rice technology for sowing of paddy for almost the last seven years. In this year (2021) he has sown his entire paddy (total 18 acre) with direct seeded rice Machine. Along with this he has also sown 105 acres of paddy of other farmers with his Direct seeded rice Machine at the rate of Rs 1200/acre. The awareness created by Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Ferozepur has been a constant source of inspiration for him. Other farmers who have adopted this direct seeded rice technique, appreciated the results.  

After the guidance and technical knowledge of the experts of Punjab Agricultural University and Krishi Vigyan Kendra, the direct sowing of paddy has resulted in better and more profitable results due to which the neighboring farmers are also being inspired by them. The main achievement of S. Gurjit Singh Khosa is that, with his influence, direct seeded rice technology has started in about 500 acres of land of the village. S. Gurjit Singh Khosa says that this method saves water and labor as compared to conventional paddy transplantation method. Crop sown by direct seeded rice technique is less prone to diseases as compared to conventional method. Sowing of crop using this technique is very beneficial, where money, water is saved and also observed increase in yield. 

In addition, this successful farmer also adopted allied occupations. He has seven buffaloes and two cows with an annual income of around Rs 75000, in addition meet the needs of the family. Gurjit Singh recently purchased two goats and later on wants to adopt this on commercial scale. He has a biogas plant to make his work more comprehensive and environmentally friendly. He is known in the area for being the source of all his work and inspiration. 


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